BP Creates a Powerful Brand Experience at Every Step of the Customer Journey


When you think of BP, you probably think of Fuel, but they’ve managed to excel in an unexpected area: local search. BP has cracked the code on showing up in ‘near me’ searches for various products and services, even those unrelated to fuel. They’ve become a leader in this strategy, connecting not only with fuel buyers but also with those searching for convenience store items or nearby places. To achieve this, BP aimed to create a top-notch customer experience across all online interactions, from accurate information to engaging with reviews.


BP had a challenge on its hands: digitally marketing its 1,319 UK locations. This was no simple task due to the numerous online platforms and review sites involved. BP’s complex business model, with different types of operations, added to the complexity. Their goal was to enhance the local customer experience, ensuring accurate information and high rankings in local searches. Managing such vast and varied data manually was unrealistic.


Enter DMH Uberall Tecnology. BP partnered with DMH Uberall Technology to streamline its digital brand experience across the intricate digital landscape. DMH began by refining BP’s data, ensuring precise details for each location, such as contact information, opening hours, and more. They addressed the issue of inaccurate location coordinates, ensuring 100% accuracy for all stations. To make different offerings within each station easily discoverable, DMH collaborated with Google, introducing an innovative ‘pin within a pin’ strategy. For managing online reputation, Uberall conducted an in-depth analysis that led to a unified reputation management strategy for all UK locations.


BP’s efforts paid off significantly. They witnessed a remarkable 233% surge in customers successfully finding BP listings on Google Search or Maps. Views of BP listings on Google Maps skyrocketed by 224%, totaling an impressive 43.1 million additional views. Additionally, BP’s review ratings saw a positive shift, with 5-star reviews growing by 19% and the number of 1-star and 2-star reviews decreasing by 5%. This transformation showcases BP’s commitment to delivering a standout customer experience through accurate information, increased visibility, and improved online reputation management.


BP’s collaboration with DMH Uberall Technolgy led to a substantial boost in online visibility and customer engagement. By accurately managing business listings, implementing innovative location-based strategies, and refining reputation management, BP achieved remarkable growth in customer interactions and brand perception.

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