Ecommerce Company Used SEO To Outrank The World’s Biggest Brands​


In a world where big brands rule, Kickscrew, a vintage sneaker online shop, set out to prove that small businesses can succeed too. This case study looks at how Kickscrew teamed up with DMH to use smart online strategies and change their business path.


Kickscrew wanted to stand out in a busy market. While they made some sales, they knew digital marketing could help them grow more. They lacked a good plan and needed to find ways to do better than big names like Nike and Footlocker.

Solution: The DMHHOTH and Kickscrew joined forces to craft a tailored SEM campaign:

  1. SEO Audit: A thorough site audit revealed baseline metrics, including organic traffic, keywords, and easy win keyword opportunities.
  2. Easy Win Keywords: Capitalizing on existing keywords ranked 4-30, Kickscrew optimized on-page SEO, added relevant content, and built quality backlinks.
  3. Competitive Gap Analysis: Analyzing competitor keywords, Kickscrew identified thousands of opportunities to target, ensuring they could rank for specific terms.
  4. Content Strategy: Leveraging DMHHOTH Blogger and DMHHOTH Blogger Pro, Kickscrew created informative posts covering sneaker care, styling, and resale, targeting various stages of the sales funnel.
  5. Guest Posts: A diverse range of guest posts, boosted by HOTH Syndication, targeted high-intent keywords, solidifying Kickscrew’s authority and brand awareness.


Kickscrew’s dedication to a well-structured SEM campaign yielded remarkable results:

  • Sales surged by 100x in two years.
  • Keyword reach expanded from 40,000 to nearly 200,000, with significant first-page and top 3 rankings.
  • Monthly traffic skyrocketed from 10,000 to over 650,000 visitors.
  • Referring domains increased, enhancing site authority and generating more organic traffic.
  • Kickscrew achieved top-ranking positions for competitive keywords, even outperforming major brands like Nike.

This case study showcases that a strategic SEO approach, combined with the right tools and dedication, can level the playing field and lead to extraordinary growth for businesses of all sizes. Kickscrew’s success serves as a testament to the effectiveness of solid SEO practices, emphasizing that every business can attain remarkable results with the right strategy.

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